About the Consortium

The Russian National Consortium for Psychiatric Genetics (RNCPG)


E-mail: rncpg.rus@gmail.com




This memorandum provides information about the goals, objectives, principles, structure and directions of work of the Russian National Consortium for Psychiatric Genetics (hereinafter the Consortium). The memorandum is obligatory for signing by the Consortium Participants.




To study the genetic basis of mental disorders in the Russian population to increase the effectiveness of their prevention and treatment.




– To unite the scientific, clinical, and technological capabilities of the leading Russian research centers in the field of psychiatric genetics;

– To establish the basis and ensure the storage and replenishment of Russia’s largest collection of biomaterials from people with mental illnesses and population-matched controls at the population level;

– To ensure that genetic and biomedical interdisciplinary research into the etiology, pathogenesis, and efficacy of pharmacotherapy of mental diseases in the population of Russia is performed according to modern scientific and technological standards;

– To facilitate the participation of Russian scientists and studies in the Russian population in international collaborations; – To develop guidelines for clinical practice those apply the results of genetic studies in the Russian population.




– The Consortium is a voluntary scientific association of researchers and physicians.

– The consortium does not belong to any scientific or medical institution and is not subject to administrative regulation of the organizations where the Participants work.

– The results of the Consortium’s work belong to its Participants.

– The biomaterial samples, as well as clinical scientific data on these bio-samples used in the Consortium’s work, as well as the data of genetic analysis, bioinformatics and statistical processing of biomaterial samples belong to its Participants.

– The Consortium operates on the basis of the international principles of medical ethics, and all biosamples and participant data are used only after informed consent has been obtained. Responsibility for implementing the principles of medical ethics lies with the Participants.

– The consortium does not work with personal data of patients. Participants are responsible for protecting the personal data of patients.

– The interaction of the Participants in the Consortium is based on the legal documents agreed by the Participants among themselves.

– The consortium is established by the Participants according to the principles of equality of rights and responsibilities.

– The Consortium is established by the Participants through signing the Memorandum, which means the consent of each Participant with the Principles of the Consortium.

– Funding for the work of the Consortium takes place within any options for financial support of any of the participants or their joint activities.

– The important decisions making in the framework of the Consortium’s activity is carried out by simple explicit voting of all Participants. – The implementation of the Principles is the responsibility of each Participant based on the principles of scientific ethics and reputation and compliance with the laws of the Russian Federation.


The structure and regulation of activity:


— The consortium was established on November 21, 2017 in Moscow through signing the Memorandum by all Participants.

— Regular meetings of Participants are held at least 3 times a year, starting January 1, 2018. At least 70% of the Participants must be present in person, the other Participants must be present via remote access (Skype session).

— The only governing body of the Consortium is the Meeting of Participants.

— The operational activity of the Consortium is carried out by the Coordinators (2 persons) elected at the General Meeting of Participants by voting.

— Introduction of new Members into the Consortium is possible at the scheduled meeting of the Participants, providing the introducing and recommendation of the active Participant in the event of a positive vote.

— Withdrawal from the Consortium is possible at the request of the outgoing Participant and in the absence of complaints from other Participants.

— Termination of the Consortium’s activity takes place by voting of all Participants or upon withdrawal from the Consortium of all Participants, except for one.