Alcohol dependence

— The Project started in March 2018

— A retrospective study of the DNA collection (Krupitsky E.M. (Saint Petersburg), Kibitov A.O. (Moscow). Patients: 220, Controls: 1100 (Central region)

— DNA samples: the SPBU Biobank

— A genome-wide scanning (genotyping using GSA chips (Infinium Global Screening Array)) ~ 690,000 SNP for GWAS type research (2017-2018)

— Participation in the international collaboration on GWAS of alcohol dependence (Psychiatric Genomics Consortium, PGC)

— Analysis of clinical and genetic data from the Russian sample for the local clinical tasks (2019)

— The first Russian genome-wide associative study (GWAS) of alcohol dependence (2020) (patients: 1000, Controls: 2000)

Current state:

September 2018 — formation of cohorts for research is completed