— Project start: September 2017

— A retrospective study of DNA collection (Ivanova S.A., Mental Health Research Institute, Tomsk). Patients: 500, Controls: 500 (Siberian region)

— DNA samples: the SPBU Biobank

— A genome-wide scanning (genotyping using GSA chips (Infinium Global Screening Array)) ~ 690,000 SNP for GWAS type research

— Participation in the international collaboration on GWAS of schizophrenia (Psychiatric Genomics Consortium, PGC)

— Analysis of clinical and genetic data on Russian sample for local clinical tasks

Current state:

September 20, 2018 — Genotyping of patients is completed

October 2018 — The consortium joins the PGC group studying the genomics of schizophrenia

2019 — Combining data on schizophrenia by cohorts from V.E. Golimbet (Moscow) and A.E. Gareeva (Ufa) (already in PGC) with new data from S.A. Ivanova (Tomsk) and carrying out its own analysis of clinical and genetic data (the first Russian genome-wide association study (GWAS) on schizophrenia)

2019 — Analysis of genomic data from the Russian sample for the local clinical tasks